Stealing Roses

Los Angeles Comedy Film FestivalPortland Womens Film Festival


Walter, approaching his elder years, is terrified to lose the most precious thing in his life…his wife who is very ill. Not having the financial resources to pay for his wife’s medical treatments, he decides to start into a new business – the bank robbing business, and asks for help from his eccentric friends while his son, a cop, tries to stop him.


Cast: John Heard, Cindy Williams, Mark Famiglietti, Josie Davis, Gregory Harrison, Stelio Savante, Jude Ciccolella, Victor Polizos, Helene Cardona, Agnes Olech, James Gleason, Manuel Espinoza, Greg Lewis, Peter Allas, Adamo Palladino,Lisa Pescia.


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STEALING ROSES LLC, Mama Simba Films, Little Studio Films Producers Alexia Melocchi, Megan Claire Johnson Co Producer John Milton Brandon Executive Producer Alexandra Yacovlef Written and Directed by Megan Claire Johnson


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