Halloweed is horror comedy with a weed twist, where  a group of senior students throw a Halloween party in a mysterious house, and find weed growing in the backyard. The magic weed, when smoked,  transforms the teens in their costumes, causing mayhem in their sleepy town on Halloween’s Eve.  The  town’s Cannabis store owner knows of the  hidden secret of a murder  that happened years before in the abandoned house  and is the only one that knows how to end this nightmare. If a handful of the students can survive the night, they may have a chance at seeing a new day.


Little Studio Films, 4SquareFilms
Screenwriters : Anne M. Brauer  and Nick Montalvo from an original story by Julie Savay Ross and Alexia Melocchi
Directors: Marco Ristori & Luca Boni

Producers:  Little Studio Films, Alexia Melocchi, Alexandra Yacovlef

Executive Producers : Andrew Brown, Billy Hurman for4SquareFilms



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