420 CUTTER ROAD is a horror comedy with a weed twist. It’s Halloween morning in  sleepy Rippersville, Illinois, and brothers, Josh and Kevin, are rushing to school, taking a shortcut near a 19th Century mansion. Abandoned and haunting, the boys can’t help but check it out and stumble upon a giant supply of marijuana. Thinking they’ve hit the jackpot,  they decide to throw a Halloween party, but little do they know, the weed is cursed and causes the partygoers to morph into their costumes, turning them into blood thirsty killing machines. Only those unaffected can reverse the curse… if they can survive the night.


Little Studio Films, 4SquareFilms
Screenwriters : Anne M. Brauer  and Nick Montalvo from an original story by Julie Savay Ross and Alexia Melocchi
Directors: Marco Ristori & Luca Boni

Producers:  Little Studio Films, Alexia Melocchi, Alexandra Yacovlef

Executive Producers : Andrew Brown, Billy Hurman for4SquareFilms



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