Based on an epic series of fictional novels telling the Wallace family legend of William Wallace. It tells of his loves, the woodland princess Affric ua Bruan, Maid Marion and finally Bernice of Navarre and “why” Edward Longshanks who sought to be Magnate supreme of Christendom at the head of the Northern Kings alliance “The Great Cause” attacked Scotland and pursued William Wallace a lowly Scots knight and his friend and ally Andrew Moray with a vengeance. Wallace also details Wallace’s time as a Pirate Corsair with de Longueville. His time fighting for the French King Philip against the English Kings army and details his mission as Scotland’s ambassador to the aspiring Hanseatic federation visiting Lubek Cologne and Visby. Furthermore, it will also tell what happened when the Scots army at the Battle of Roslyn rebelled against the nobles and proclaimed Wallace King and his volatile relationship with Robert the Bruce.

Screenwriter: Seoras Wallace
Director: TBA

Producers:  Little Studio Films

Genre:  Biographical, Historical, Drama

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