A film adaptation  of the book THE REVOLT, written by former Prime Minster of Israel Menachem Begin.  Begin  was run out of Poland by the Nazis, imprisoned by the Soviets, hunted by the British and nearly murdered by the Jews. To have survived would have been impressive enough. To have flourished- Begin led the first Jewish nationalist revolution in nearly 2,000 years and signed the first peace treaty in Israeli history- ranks as something of a miracle”

Menachem Begin was a participant in the major events in modern Jewish history: the evolution of Zionism, resistance to the Nazi genocide, Soviet conquest of Eastern Europe, struggle against British rule in Palestine, founding of the state of Israel and the peace treaty with Egypt, which won him a Nobel Prize.
Begin was a controversial figure, commander of the Irgun, an underground Army which fought against the British Mandatory regime in Palestine. He was lionized by some, demonized by others, but his love of the Jewish people and his heroism in the service of their national homeland were never questioned.

Screenwriters: Steven Schub, Jack Perez and Anton Diether

Producers: Eric Goldbrener, Jean Charles Levy

Executive Producers: Little Studio Films, Jeffrey Brandstetter
Director: TBA

Genre: Biopic


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