What is it like to go to a Fertility clinic and not succeed? What ever happens to those people anyway? “The Promise” is a finite mini-series that follows one man who strikes out at the Fertility Clinic, gets divorced, and then moves forward trying to find happiness again. He joins a gym, and starts dating again. By the end, he finds something that will truly make him happy.

Infertility is an issue facing many couples not just in the United States, but in the world. Those couples really haven’t had their story told because they usually keep that to themselves. The main character is really living two different lives. He tries to just be in the present and focus on finding love, happiness and closure now, sorting out the emotional baggage from the past from the divorce. Two worlds collide in a little girl he meets that is desperately seeking a father figure and  he must make a choice: in order to not lose his future he must be  finally willing to face his past.

Screenwriter: Andrew Bainbridge
Director: TBA

Producers: TBA