Little Studio Films has partnered up with Hungry Fish Media Ministry to co ordinate the acquisitions and distribution of completed Christian and Faith films and documentaries from all over the world for “Movie Night”,  a monthly showing of a  selected Faith movie in dozens of  Christian Churches around the United States.

Hungry Fish Media Ministry founder, Jay Hix Jones, a reality producer and creator,  is a client of LITTLE STUDIO FILMS  and recently  started the Hungry Fish Media Ministry to provide weekend film boot camps to high school students encouraging them to “go public” with their Faith.  Alexia Melocchi  on behalf of Little Studio Films and The Movie Night Team  will partner with one designated Church to serve as the Host Church and there will be a live stream with the film maker to discuss the chosen film’s theme and how it relates to the Christian walk and overall to the foundation of one’s Faith.

Little Studio Films partners, Alexia Melocchi and Alexandra Yacovlef,  have secured several distribution deals in the US and internationally for their  represented clients, the films they have produced and consulted for on an ongoing basis. Alexia Melocchi and  Alexandra Yacovlef started in the Business as international sales agents and have two decades of experience in the worldwide distribution marketplace. This association with Hungry Fish Media Ministry is one of the many moves  that marks the return of Melocchi and Yacovlef in the distribution of film and television product, the first one being the  presentation of the David Lynch directed film UNSTAGED with Duran Duran that was presented through Arclight Films in Cannes 2013.