Boy on the Cover


Boy on The Cover explores redemption, greed , hate, war and love in the backdrop of an African country ravaged by violence. No one took a better photograph than JACK BENTON because scruples did not get in the way. In competition with his estranged Pulitzer Prize winning father, Jack created situations that earned a shot. Having taken endless pictures of violence perpetrated by Boy Soldiers in Africa, he showed boredom by their usual atrocities, provoking them for something new. He got it with the stoning of a young woman whose skirt flewopen as she fell to her knees, revealing the toddler she tried to hide, his vibrant blue eyes framed by his mother’s dripping blood. The picture earned Jack the Pulitzer Prize and contempt from his peers. Outcast and wasted in self imposed exile for years, he is lured back to Africa to find the boy whose life he changed and who changed his.

Armed only with his camera, Jack makes his final trip. This story shows the fate of two lives forged by the click of a camera, set against a violent backdrop, this action thriller is sometimes horrific and always a suspenseful tale with a mystery to boot.

Producers: Little Studio Films

Director: TBA

Screenwriter:  Elizabeth Sullivan
Genre: Thriller, Drama

Shooting location: New York, South Africa

Status: In Development



Cast: TBD