Breeders is a Young Adult novel set in a dystopian society. Ariet has been taken from her family, who are told she has died of an illness; when, in fact, she has been drugged and removed against her will to a secret underground location. Selected for a genetic breeding...

Camelot’s Cousin

SYNOPSIS Camelot’s Cousin is a   thriller set against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis and other famous events during the Kennedy administration. The discovery of a long-buried journal indicates that one of President Kennedy’s most trusted friends was actually a Soviet mole. Templeton Davis, a scholar and media personality becomes lost in an […]

Young Dragons

SYNOPSIS An ancient Chinese warrior imprisoned in a puzzle box in the 14th century by an evil wizard is accidentally released in present day Boston by a group of social misfits at an orphanage. PARTNERS Little Studio Film, Mokko Studios, Pacifica International Screenwriter: Glen Doyle Director: TBS Producers: Alexia Melocchi, Alexandra Yacovlef, Danny Bergeron, Christine Iso Talent […]

The Trade

SYNOPSIS Upon reaching Colonial America the son of prosperous British merchant is stripped of his scholarly ambitions and embarks on a perilous journey with a fur trapping uncle into the James Bay wilderness where he falls in love with a beautiful Indian guide who’s abducted by a murderous thief. The Trade is an epic journey […]

In the Name of the Robe

SYNOPSIS The brothers at the Abbey of Monte Manna can’t see to get much right, especially Brothers Goliath, Nugget, and White—all orphaned circus rejects dropped off at the abbey as kids. Now as grown men their abbey’s existence is on the line and they are chosen to help save the abbey. But after a mix-up […]

Even Flow

SYNOPSIS Kayaking enthusiasts David, Sam, Ben, and Karen get in over their heads when a paddling vacation in Chile turns into a political scuffle between them and the Chilean government. Between the government’s tactics and the deadly rapids, they hope to make it out alive. PARTNERS Little Studio Films Screenwriter: Beth and Mark Fishburn Director: TBS Producers: Alexia […]


SYNOPSIS PI is assigned to find a missing girl which embroils her in the dangerous world of the client and his dark motives to find his daughter. PARTNERS Little Studio Films Screenwriter: Elizabeth S. Sulivan (from her novel).     Talent Cast: TBA Links   OTHER WORKS BY ELIZABETH SULLIVAN Boy on the Cover- Screenplay Catching Out-  […]


SYNOPSIS Life seems to be at a breaking point—death, loss of jobs, financial strain, deteriorating marriages…many are reaching their boiling point. But what happens when the stories of three volatile, ticking time bombs cross paths?     Genre: Thriller     PARTNERS Little Studio Films Producers: Little Studio Films Director: Max Leonida Screenwriter: David Castaldo   Shooting […]

Night Of The Bluebird

SYNOPSIS Night of the Bluebird is a historic and harrowing true story of the first high sea rescue. Set out to sea for an experience most would never forget, a father and son set out to sea and are caught by surprise by a fierce winter storm that puts their small fishing trawler in peril. […]