Falling Into Sound

Falling Into Sound – Synopsis in the style of “8 Mile’ Falling into Sound is a musical journey drama into the heart of the KPOP world. To find balance in his life, a Korean pop star releases secret and gritty underground rap music, but when the the music career of his bandmates is threatened as […]

First Silver

FIRST SILVER -SYNOPSIS A far from athletic man, Grant, bets his jock workmates he can outlast them in The Comrades  – famously the world’s toughest ultra-marathon. From there he scales formidable physical barriers to  prepare for the race, while dealing with the sudden grave illness of his girlfriend.  A story of mind over matter and […]

In the Black

SYNOPSIS In the Black is the English speaking feature remake of the short film In the Black by Italian filmmaker Marco Fabbro. A position managing a new casino ends up too tempting for Michael Fanizza and he soon finds his life crashing down around him as he’s pulled into intrigue with the Feds, conniving women, […]

The Revolt

SYNOPSIS A film adaptation  of the book THE REVOLT, written by former Prime Minster of Israel Menachem Begin.  Begin  was run out of Poland by the Nazis, imprisoned by the Soviets, hunted by the British and nearly murdered by the Jews. To have survived would have been impressive enough. To have flourished- Begin led the […]

As Greek As It Gets

As Greek as it Gets- synopsis As Greek As it Gets is a romantic comedy about finding love when you find yourself first. Mike Metaxas has big dreams in life  but flips burgers at a family’s  deli in NYC. Life turns upside down as he goes to Mykonos to bring back to NYC an old […]

The Promise

SYNOPSIS What is it like to go to a Fertility clinic and not succeed? What ever happens to those people anyway? “The Promise” is a finite mini-series that follows one man who strikes out at the Fertility Clinic, gets divorced, and then moves forward trying to find happiness again. He joins a gym, and starts […]

The Messenger of the Princess

SYNOPSIS In this animation screenplay from a talented Chinese writer, a young boy groomed to be a scholar is thrown into the world of war, witchcraft, and mythology and must become a warrior to save the day… and himself. Liu Yi, is about enter a mystic world unknown by most mortals and free a trapped […]

Boy on the Cover

SYNOPSIS Boy on The Cover explores redemption, greed , hate, war and love in the backdrop of an African country ravaged by violence. No one took a better photograph than JACK BENTON because scruples did not get in the way. In competition with his estranged Pulitzer Prize winning father, Jack created situations that earned a […]

Beyond Gehenna

SYNOPSIS Beyond Gehenna is divided into two volumes: Tour of Duty and The Devil’s Lair. Attempting to escape his troubled past and his horrific nightmares, Elgin Thomas flounders deep in the heart of Vietnam’s central highland district. Soon exposed to a corrupt and immoral society–a society consumed with chaos and injustice, where the laws of […]

False Flag: Able Thunder

SYNOPSIS False Flag: Able Thunder is an action adventure screenplay about a Government that organizes a false flag terrorist attack that is prevented by a team of ex-military men. Colonel Troy Smith and his small clique of government, military, and intelligence operatives backed by powerful financiers want to create a major war in the Middle […]

Southern Comfort

SYNOPSIS When his New York restaurant career goes belly up,  Celebrity Chef Garrett Frazier would have no other choice but to retreat to his child hood roots in the Gullah towns in South Carolina where he’ll discover the genuine altruistic culture were others come before your self and a new recipe for love and what […]


SYNOPSIS In a wild mix of sweet and silly, this off-the-wall animated series and book,  takes us into an imaginary realm where laughter and creativity know no bounds. Populated by the Nonsense Brigade, a zany group of produce and cutlery, these imaginary friends live to spread positivity and pure silliness. Led by best friends, broccolihead […]