WAX: We are the X

SYNOPSIS WAX: We are the X is A found footage  and road movie film that takes viewers on an adventure that is shot entirely in a POV perspective using various devices. It begins when a mysterious video is given to a reporter detailing a road trip to the French Riviera of three friends a week […]

The Rule of Lead

SYNOPSIS To redeem his soul, the ghost of a killer is sent to lead a neglected teenage girl to save a group of street children from the abuse of a criminal organization. PARTNERS MAJESTIC FILMS, Little Studio Films (Sales) Screenwriter: Giacomo Arrigoni Director: Giacomo Arrigoni Producers: Giacomo Arrigoni, Gianpiero Raciti, Alexia Melocchi Talent Cast: Gledis […]

The Drone Virus

SYNOPSIS The Drone Virus is a medical thriller from director Damon O’ Steen based on  on a published book by Gerald Clarke. The unthinkable strikes when the advanced MRI scanner within a hospital forces Dr. Colleen O’Brian to choose between her superiors and a desperate father who has lost a child to the scanner before […]

Follow Me

SYNOPSIS In Chiara’s world nothing is as it seems. From a masked party, she is chased in a mall, caught in a battlefield. Is she a thief, an aristocrat or a soldier? And is the man she sees everywhere trying to protect her or hurt her? The only link to her journey into these worlds […]

Father Mud

SYNOPSIS Father Mud is a terrifying story about a families experience with a mysterious foster child. All Hell breaks loose when a family’s kindness opens up the doors to this child’s haunting past. PARTNERS Little Studio Films Screenwriter: Jameson Hesse Director: Jameson Hesse Producer: Alexia Melocchi Talent Actors: Elizabeth Daily, Jameson Hesse, & Maurisun Hesse Links Official Facebook […]


SYNOPSIS Two inseparable friends with a passion for extreme adventure organize an expedition to Mount Etna to debunk the legend of a rare animal who lives in the snowy peaks of the largest active volcano. Once up there, something mysterious happens that will change forever their fate. PARTNERS Little Studio Films Screenwriter: Salvo Campisano Directors: Filippo Arlotta […]

Ice Scream

SYNOPSIS From the Directors who brought you the critically acclaimed Italian short film, Ice Scream, this is the American Feature Remake. A shy young man attempts to buy ice cream for his girlfriend when faced by two of the town’s worst bullies. This is the beginning of a day he will never forget. PARTNERS Little Studio […]