LITTLE STUDIO FILMS, created by Alexandra Yacovlef and Alexia Melocchi, is a multilingual boutique consulting, distribution and production company with an extensive background in all areas of the Entertainment Business. It provides services to a variety of clients including producers, production companies, authors, screenwriters, directors, international distributors and Wall Street Companies.


SYNOPSIS In this action adventure screenplay, a record-breaking hurricane slams along the Florida coastline, and the thrill-seeking son of a world-renowned marine biologist accidentally uncovers a 16th Century Spanish galleon ship 300-feet below the surface of the Atlantic. Jack Lapointe will have to fight danger above and below the surface to claim its treasure. Genre: […]

Summer dance artwork

Summer Dance movie — a Little Studio Films Production

Summer Dance Synopsis: Summer Dance, a beautiful teenage drama, is about the power of love and the struggle between desires of the heart, and those of the soul. When 16 year old Cameron gets a “D” in school, his mother, an ex-ballerina, forces him to work the summer at camp, where he meets the girl of his dreams, Jasmine, a […]

The Pantani Affair

 Movie Synopsis: The Pantani Affair explores the last five years of the life of the Italian cyclist champion and Tour De France winner Marco Pantani, among the events in Madonna di Campiglio and his untimely death in Rimini, Italy. Genre: Biopic, Drama PARTNERS  Little Studio Films (Sales) and Executive Producers, Mr.Arkadin Film (Production Company) Producers: […]


Quest for Beauty is a feature length documentary from the perspective of the director, whose own personal ‘quest for beauty’ began after leaving an abusive, surface relationship. It delivers a powerful message that beauty is not just exterior, but unique to each...

Waiting Room

Five people wake up in an abandoned warehouse. None of them has any recollection of memory of who they are and how they got there.All of them have to remember and to find a way to get out of this place before it is too late.

Service to Man

It's 1967 and Eli Rosenberg has problem; only one medical school in the country will accept him: Meharry Medical College, an all-black medical school in Tennessee, a considerable distance from his life in Brooklyn, New York. Michael Dubois also has a problem; only one...

Mermaids on Mars

Mermaids on Mars- SYNOPSIS In the film adaptation of the very successful short film by the same name, Julian’s Father, Gilbert, once a famous scientist, is now the brunt of ridicule for insisting he has previously met the mermaids and that they were in dire need of Earth’s help. Julian, who has never once doubted […]

PET- the Award winning short film from Greece

PET is a short film about childhood and the time you have to leave behind your innocence in order to survive. Chris Moraitis (the alias for Christos Liakouris) was born in Athens, Greece in 1983. He holds a diploma in Applied Math and Physical Sciences from National...

The Revolt

SYNOPSIS A film adaptation  of the book THE REVOLT, written by former Prime Minster of Israel Menachem Begin.  Begin  was run out of Poland by the Nazis, imprisoned by the Soviets, hunted by the British and nearly murdered by the Jews. To have survived would have been impressive enough. To have flourished- Begin led the […]

Return to Happiness

Return to Happiness is a documentary about A life transforming journey of a Canadian  pro hockey player who after having been imprisoned for dealing drugs and losing the things and people he loved most seeks a return to happiness and redemption via a humanitarian...

Jake & Clara: Scandal, Politics, Hollywood and Murder

"Jake & Clara" is a novel  of "true story" fiction based on a real-life drama that played out in headlines across America in 1920-1921. The story is about: Love, Betrayal, Big Oil, Presidential Politics, Scandal, Hollywood, Political Corruption, and Murder at the...

Duran Duran UNSTAGED

Duran Duran UNSTAGED is a breakthrough in movie-making. It’s an experience that marries the arts of film and music in a distinctly creative and refreshing manner that will appeal to audiences worldwide.” Directed by award-winning film maker, David Lynch, a...

420 Cutter Road

SYNOPSIS 420 CUTTER ROAD is a horror comedy with a weed twist. It’s Halloween morning in sleepy Rippersville, Illinois, and brothers, Josh and Kevin, are rushing to school, taking a shortcut near a 19th Century mansion. Abandoned and haunting, the boys can’t help but check it out and stumble upon a giant supply of marijuana. […]

Screenwriter Etiquette: The face to face pitch

A few weekends ago  I was invited to a Conference for Screenwriters where aspiring film makers, screenwriters, authors and producers were given the opportunity to pitch their material to Producers, Agents and Managers in a “six minutes and you are out of here” format. I heard 20 pitches in a 2 hour time frame and […]

Stealing Roses

Stealing Roses

Walter, approaching his elder years, is terrified to lose the most precious thing in his life…his wife who is very ill. Not having the financial resources to pay for his wife’s medical treatments, he decides to start into a new business – the bank robbing...

Camelot’s Cousin

SYNOPSIS Camelot’s Cousin is a   thriller set against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis and other famous events during the Kennedy administration. The discovery of a long-buried journal indicates that one of President Kennedy’s most trusted friends was actually a Soviet mole. Templeton Davis, a scholar and media personality becomes lost in an […]

Riding 79

SYNOPSIS Riding 79 is a coming of age movie set in magical Puerto Rico. it’s 1979 and Miguel is about to go on the ride of his life to meet his dream girl Stella. PARTNERS Puerto Rico Film Commission,   Baloon Entertainment Group, Little Studio Films (Sales) Screenwriter: Carola Gonzalez Director: Karola Hawk Producers: Andrea Fellers, […]

The Ball Player- (The Joe Pepitone biopic)

SYNOPSIS Former New York Yankees baseball all-star Joe Pepitone partied his way through a sex-addicted 13-year career that ruined his finances and two marriages. But can Joe salvage his life before it’s too late? From the book “JOE YOU COULDA MAKE US PROUD”.   Genre: Biopic PARTNERS Little Studio Films Producers: Little Studio Films, Magic […]

A Noble Lie

SYNOPSIS A nail biting thriller about an ambitious and curious female reporter during the Eisenhower Presidency, who starts investigating the UFO cover-up that caused the disappearance of her mother and becomes an unwilling part of the conspiracy when she witnesses a meeting between the President and an alien race. ALSO PRESENTED AS A MINISERIES entitled […]

Little Studio Films – Latest News

Little Studio Films is as Greek as it Gets in 2014

Jan. 26, 2014 – Los Angeles, California January 21, 2014– Little Studio Films announces the acquisition of the rights to the romantic comedy screenplay “AS GREEK AS IT GETS” from Australian screenwriters Helene and Peter Paroulakis and will be presenting the project...

Little Studio Films take on Faith and Christian Films

Little Studio Films has partnered up with Hungry Fish Media Ministry to co ordinate the acquisitions and distribution of completed Christian and Faith films and documentaries from all over the world for “Movie Night”,  a monthly showing of a  selected Faith movie in...

The Power behind the Power Lunch

When Alexandra Yacovlef, my Partner, and I transitioned from being International Sales Agents to Producer/Manager and Consultants, we had no idea that the Star Treatment we were being given by Studio Executives and Studio Producers and Agents, with the Power Lunches...