Adapted from Alex Clavijo’s short film. Seventeen and desperate for a life outside of her alcoholic mother and the dregs of MacArthur Park, Paloma takes a maid job at the infamous Motel Paradise, a place where sex and fantasies go on behind every closed door. Though she doesn’t participate in the seedier side of the job, Paloma is taken under the wing of the resident tranny, Miss Vee, a personality larger than life who sees something of herself in the young woman and wants to help her make her dream come true.

Working as part maid and part assistant to Miss Pee, Paloma’s plan is to save enough money to leave this life behind and start a new one with her estranged father in Mexico. Unfortunately the idea of cutting ties with her world here is harder than she thinks. Her mother’s alcoholism has spiraled and if it weren’t for Paloma footing most of the bills, they’d be on the street by now. And then there is Frank, Paloma’s secret crush down the road who seems like a romance novel come to life. As trouble starts brewing at home, and Frank eventually reveals himself to be no better than the rest of MacArthur Park, Paloma is finally ready to leave it all behind. But things quickly go from bad to worse and Paloma is about to find out how to turn her life around in the eye of the storm.  Motel Paradise is a journey of  an unlikely friendship that examines themes like sex, love, independence, and family.


Screenwriters: Katherine VanPelt, Alex Clavijo

Producers: Alexia Melocchi for LITTLE STUDIO FILMS

Executive Producers: TBA
Director: TBA

Genre: Drama