The Honey Badger-  SYNOPSIS
When their best friend Charlie falls prey to the clutches of post breakup despair, Ray and Danny, Charlie’s best buds and business partners, stage a man-tervention and whisk him away on what’s supposed to be an adventure-filled bonding trip. Their plan is to snap Charlie out of his funk and save their dying T-shirt company by inspiring him to come back to work. But when they end up trapped in a cursed African hotel with a wild honey badger during monsoon season, their plan changes to one of survival. It’s going to take an army of disgruntled guests, the command of a burnt-out concierge, and a kiss from a stranger to not only help Charlie get his mojo back, but to track down the honey badger and show it who’s boss.



Screenwriter:  Katherine VanPelt
Director: TBA


Genre: Comedy


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