In the near future, when mankind is forced to live underground as bio-engineered slaves under an A.I. controlled regime, one desperate young man will try to take it all down.

From The Published novel by the same name, COLONIES is a stark look at a potential future for humanity, dark, fraught with injustice, and all together grim. With an intense visual contrast of shifting from above and below ground, the story is about a brainwashed society and a protagonist with awareness, seeking to right a major wrong. In the dark and ghostly world of Antìade man ceases to be individual to become a membrane -winged insect. This is a story based on the most current data of sociobiology and evolutionary biology.

Adan, Syria and Noah, along with another 35 billion people, live in huge colonies under the crustal plate of the Earth. They can live but they only end up working as slaves in the corn and soybean fields, which cover the planet surface. All humans face t this under the rule of Supreme Singularity.  A gripping and almost too close for comfort look at the little value of human life, this intelligent science fiction movie project was created to inspire thought and action towards a future that could get out of our hands.


Giovanni Angelo Cianti debuted as comics book writer and later worked as an art director and an illustrator in advertising agencies. He had also worked as body builder, researcher and trainer. Currently he is focused on studies and research in the field of health and nutrition with particular attention to the developmental aspects of human biology.

Screenwriters:Giovanni Cianti

Genre: Sci Fi, Dystopian


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