Cada Alma –  SYNOPSIS

Set in Cuba, Cada Alma recounts true stories of how the lived of families were drastically transformed from glorious, to utterly desperate after Castro’s revolution.

Beginning in 1956, Cada Alma (Every Soul), tells three intertwined true stories about my family trapped in Castro’s communist Cuba. Once a successful professional, my father Agustin risks his life daily to steal and deal in contraband for our family’s survival. My uncle Nelson — an egocentric college student –risks his life to escape illegally, only to obsess about returning to rescue the family he left behind. After years of denial, my uncle Chory, a loyal revolutionary, confronts the deplorable reality; he fought to empower a tyrant who promised freedom, only to lose his own enduring 7 years of torture in a Cuban prison. My family’s journey reveals that we aren’t all that different; every soul is connected by a basic human right, the right to be free.

Screenwriter: Maria Celia Garcia 
Producers/Production Companies: Little Studio Films

Genre: Drama, True Story