Clients and Associates

Little Studio Films  has clients and associates they consult, represent and/or develop with  in several areas of Entertainment including   Producers, Screenwriters, Filmmakers, Authors, Production Companies, International Distributors, and Media Companies on a per project or ongoing basis. Below is a partial list of our current and past clients in various categories.





  • AJ Ferrara (Writer, Producer)
  • Glen G. Doyle (Writer, Author)
  • Katherine Van Pelt (Writer)
  • Mark Kaneshige (Writer)
  • Mark Moorer (Writer)
  • David Castaldo (Writer)
  • Anne M. Brauer (Writer)
  • Helene Paroulakis (Writer)
  • Michelle Wilcox (Writer)
  • Josep Colomer (Writer)
  • Darren Swanson (Writer, Director)
  • Karen Buckton (Writer)
  • Joshua Brownstein (Writer)
  • Katherine Van Pelt (Writer)
  • Jay Hix Jones (Writer, Director, Producer)
  • Les Brennan (Writer)
  • Kathy Deters (Writer)
  • Nick Montalvo (Writer)
  • Andrew Bainbridge (Writer)
  • Megan Johnson (Writer, Director)
  • Adina Sadeanu (Writer)
  • Maria Celia Garcia (Writer)
  • Eric Goldbrener (Writer, Producer)

Production Companies

  • Filmexport Group ( Distribution, Production Company)
  • 76 Pictures (Production Company)
  • Faeria Srl (Production Company)
  • Lost Pictures (Production Company)
  • Pitcher Point Productions (Production Company)
  • Magic City Pictures (Production Company)
  • Mecanismo Films (Production Company)
  • Boo Productions (Production Company)
  • Bradley Media LLC (Production Company)
  • Hungry Fish Media (Organization, Production Company)
  • Vengeance LLC (Production Company)
  • Archstone Pictures (Production Company)
  • Extreme Video SRL (Production Company)
  • Axis Media Production Company

Companies, Organizations & Misc

  • Lamborghini Golf Sportswear
  • Best Seller to Box Office (Publishing/Book Scouts)
  • Film in Tuscany (Organization)
  • Leomark Studios (Distributor)
  • Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (Organization)
  • Orka Studios Poland  (VFX/Animation Company)
  • Arclight Films (Distribution Company, Finance Company)
  • Worldwide Filmed Entertainment (Distribution Company)
  • AusFilm (Organization)
  • Puerto Rico Film Commission (Organization)
  • SEEFEST (South East Europe Film Festival Los Angeles)
  • Mokko Studios (VFX Company)
  • Sheri Steffens (Wedding Planner, TV Personality)
  • Rock It Press (Publishing Company)
  • The Film Connection (Film School)
  • The 48 Film Project
  • Nancyland
  • Cheer Channel