Alexandra Yacovlef

Alexandra YacovlefAlexandra Yacovlef  started in the Entertainment business in the early eighties in film consulting in financing with the European offices of Studios such as Columbia and Universal and acted as a consultant for the department of film financing at the Wall Street brokerage firm SMITH BARNEY.
In 1987 she represented International Film distributors in the USA from 11 different countries. Her fluency in 5 languages and financial experience helped her clients close deals acquiring over 150 films several of which became worldwide successes.
Alexandra Yacovlef advised her clients to invest in films that became major theatrical successes such as DIRTY DANCING, BASIC INSTINCT, PLATOON, THE FUGITIVE, the TERMINATOR franchise, and many more.
In 1989 she  created together with Alexia Melocchi,  her daughter and business partner for over 20 years, the sales company AXELIA INTERNATIONAL PICTURES selling over 27 films worldwide to profit  while attending all major film markets and Festivals including  dozens of  American Film Market, Venice Film Festival , Cannes  Film Festival, MIFED, LA Screenings, MIP TV.
In 2000 Alexandra Yacovlef and Alexia Melocchi started the LITTLE STUDIO FILMS  brand with the intent to engage in multiple Entertainment related activities under one roof like in the old Studio system.
Today Alexandra is involved mostly in the consulting and representation of several International distributors, International producers and Entertainment companies structuring financial deals, co-productions, packaging and/ or sales of International and US film properties.
Alexandra works closely with Studios such as FOX and Warner Brothers as well as a plethora of Studio Producers with an impressive body of work and box office successes that exceed the 900 million dollars in revenues .
Most recently she set up the Duran Duran “UNSTAGED” event film directed by David Lynch for international distribution which she sold in partnership with Arclight Films. The film debuted in Cannes 2013 and is being released theatrically all over the world.
She is attached as the Executive Producer of AS GREEK AS IT GETS to be directed by Jim Fall, DEAR MISTER OBAMA to be directed by Andrea Lodovichetti in partnership with BUENA VISTA South America and MECANISMO FILMS from Spain,  WOODY CISCO and ME to be directed by Mimi Leder based on the book by Jaime Longhi and the music of WOODY Guthrie.
Having optioned and or represented best selling authors whose books were translated in some instances in 32 languages (Valerio Manfredi) she  is currently developing in association with International and US  Networks 3 miniseries and 2 series ,  all from best selling books of high profile authors and of unique subjects.
On the TELEVISION slate is the best seller “PHARAOH” written by author and professor of archeology Valerio Manfredi and the mini series adaptation of the novel “La Gang Dei Sogni” from Luca Di Fulvio which stayed in the top of the DER SPIEGEL book charts for over 16 weeks.
She recently completed the feature film ICE SCREAM based on the Italian short by Vito Palumbo and Roberto De Feo that  had become an Internet sensation and won multiple awards, produced together with Alexia Melocchi, Christian Halsey Solomon  (AMERICAN PSYCHO) and Marco Colombo.
Yacovlef recently partnered up with Studio producer Marty Katz  (Raindeer Games, The Four Feathers) for the production of GALLEON to be  shot in Australia and the mini series MAJESTIC 12, in partnership with Mark Wolper (Bates Motel, The Mists of Avalon) and to be directed by Mick Garris (Bag of Bones).
Prior to working in the Film and Television Industry, Alexandra worked with several major International Banks such as ABN, Westminster Bank, Bank of America, J.P Morgan in a consulting capacity.